What is New York City Environmental Quality Review?

This project will follow the regulations set forth in the New York City Environmental Quality Review (CEQR) process. The CEQR Technical Manual provides guidance for city agencies, project sponsors, the public, and other entities in the procedures and substance of the City's CEQR process. CEQR requires city agencies to assess, disclose, and mitigate to the greatest extent practicable the significant environmental consequences of their decisions to fund, directly undertake, or approve a project. The environmental assessment analyzes the project that is facilitated by the action or actions. An action is a discretionary agency decision (approval, funding, or undertaking) needed in order to complete a project.

The Manual, as regularly updated and available on the web, provides a detailed and comprehensive discussion of the CEQR process, from simple environmental assessments to the more complex analyses appropriate for Environmental Impact Statements (EISs). Consequently, the Manual reflects changes in the environmental review process over time, development of new methodologies, changes in legislation, and other circumstances that affect the form or content of the City's environmental review process. In addition, city policies, environmental conditions, and the level of information available for assessing a project have changed since the last revision and the technical analyses have been updated and revised accordingly.

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